Advantages of Digital Communications over Analog communications

  1. The signal fidility is better controlled through digital transmission than analog transmission.
  2. Digital Transmission allows to regenarate the digital signal in long distance transmisions,this eleminates noise effect at each regenaration point where as in analog communication the noise is amplified along with the signal in long distance transmission.
  3. In Digital processing channel Bandwidth can be saved as redundancy is removed prior to modulation.
  4. Digital Communication systems are cheaper to implement.
  5. Digital Communication is more rugged than analog communication because it can withstand channel noise & distortion much better than Analog.
  6. In digital communications Hardware implementation is flexible with the use of microprocessors and large scale integrated circuits.
  7. Digital signals can be coded to yield extremely low error rates and high fidelity as well as privacy.
  8. Easier and more efficient to multiplex several digital signals.such as speech,video and other digital data.
  9. Digital Communication is inherently more efficient than analog in realizing the exchange of signal to noise ration for Band width.
  10. Digital Signal storage is relatively easy and inexpensive,it also has the ability to search and select information.
  11. Reproduction of Digital messages is extremely reliable without deterioration.
  12. As channel coding is used in Digital Communication the errors in transmission may be detected and corrected in Receivers.

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