Data Communication Basic Questions 2

Data Communication Basic Multiple choice Questions, Test your Knowledge on Data Communications Basics , these questions are useful for preparation of various competitive examinations like GATE,DRDO,BHEL,ISRO,HAL,…etc and campus interviews. Also makes you instant ready for the college vivas,internals, online tests,examinations.

OSI is short for

The Network layer converts

Which of the following are the examples of Application layer protocols:

Which of the following is not example of Presentation Layer

The layer which establishes, manages, maintains and terminates communication channels between software programs on network nodes is

Examples of Transport layer protocols are:

Star , Bus and Ring are examples of

This is the layer that actually interacts with the operating system or application whenever the user chooses to transfer files, read messages or perform other network-related activities.

In which layer, the appropriate physical protocol is assigned to the data

Which of these are characteristics of LAN?

Which of these are advantages of bus topology:

Advantages of star topology are

Data Rate of Twisted Pair (Shielded) for Bus Topology is


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