Multiple Choice Questions on Data Communication Basics – set 1

Data Communication Basic Multiple choice Questions, Test your Knowledge on Data Communications Basics , these questions are useful for preparation of various competitive examinations like GATE,DRDO,BHEL,ISRO,HAL,…etc and campus interviews. Also makes you instant ready for the college vivas,internals, online tests,examinations.

In order to send data/message from one point to another, which of the following are required?

Which of the following is a DTE

Which of these is characteristics of Simplex Transmission?

Baudot Code is

Parity checking method

Keyboard of computer is encoded in

EBCDIC gives how much no. of combination

In telegraph terminology,1 is characterised as

Information carrying capacity of a transmission channel is determined by the following characteristics

Nyquist Theorem states that

Calculate the number of level required for transmission if the B.W. of a channel is 300-3400 Hz and S/N ratio is 20 dB.

Which of the following is not RZ CODES?


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